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Birthdate:Jun 2
Location:New York, United States of America
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Rafa AO animation by [personal profile] wintervixen86


she always has her head in the clouds

I always welcome new friends to my journal, hopefully we have something in common. Just please leave me a comment. This journal is probably 90% babbling incoherently over tennis, tennis events, tennis players, you get the idea. Sometimes I babble with some level of coherence over various pretty boys and girls...and sometimes chocolate cupcakes. I would say 10% of anything on here involves actual RL substance.

Travel, tennis and photography are my three true passions in life. Sprinkled in with good TV and really good coffee and I'm a happy girl. My favorite movie ever in life is Fight Club. That may or may not say something about me. I greatly dislike reality TV. I'm addicted to glossy travel magazines and post cards - sending and receiving. I love coffee mugs (especially filled), the color blue in any shade, movie trailers, pancakes for dinner, everything in Barcelona, fresh lemonade, Davis Cup victories (for Spain!) and random quotes that strike me.

My 365 day photo project can be found at [profile] goodnightdaisy. My twitter is skyejaden.

Since I am a Gemini, my background changes regularly lately. Clay court header photo taken by me, not that it's earth-shattering, but please do not use without asking! Dark Knight mood theme created by [profile] mood_mania. This style sheet and profile sheet by [personal profile] refuted

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"I would like to believe there is a God, but I think it is better to say I'm not sure there is a God and live your life with kindness and respect for people than to say I know there is a God and then do bad things"
-- Rafa Nadal


The Animal Rescue Site

My true OTP - Rafa and the Victory Jacket.


...and Rafa and this trophy of course. <3



by [personal profile] nyaubaby / [profile] bite_my_muse

badass mofo genius art by my dearest [profile] amnoturmonkey


my hero


Jensen is love.


everything about this is love.


Barcelona has my heart - being held captive by these two until I return...again:



Rafa is golden! and he IS love.


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ze pretty RG <3 by [profile] amnoturmonkey

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I do love a good flag! And the kid holding isn't so bad either...


Those reality shows have nothing on Novak's fashion abilities!


Curls the buttery Latvian.


Rafa inspiring us to write--->


This journal protected by my oh-so-fierce kitties:


oh yes, fear the muffin!

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no day but today.

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Elphaba is love

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