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Date for your diaries, on the 1st May in Palma Arena, Mallorca, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer - the two best players in the world - will face off in a unique exhibition match, the Star Wars.

This isn't just any exhibition match though, it's going to have a very special court laid to complement the King of Clay - Rafa, and the Grass Court Master - Roger Federer. On one side of the net will be a clay court, and on the other side of the net will be a grass court.

While both men dominate on their respective surfaces (Rafa has 62 consecutive clay court wins, and Federer has 48 consecutive grass court
victories) both perform very impressively on the other surface. It was a Federer-Nadal final at both the French Open and Wimbledon in 2006, so this is sure to be a great battle.

Before that though, Rafa will be competing in Monte Carlo, Barcelona, TMS Rome, and TMS Hamburg in preparation for the French Open which will be the week after the exhibition.

so...who plays on which side? and do they switch? Couldn't they do this post-RG? random.

I bought a mega-millions ticket today. Wish me luck. I'll need it as I'm about to buy most of my USO tickets tomorrow and possibly a flight home for a week.  I just was checking around and it's 700 dollars. ummm...Talk about the wtf-ness of it all. I could probably fly to Dubai cheaper than that. Or to the moon and back for a quick snack.

ahwell, i'll figure something out. I would love to go home for a visit.

meanwhile procrastination leads to total entertainment and amusement...

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